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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Biomedis devices Diabetic foot ulcer.

Igor Anisimkin April 28, 2017, 11:05

I had a terrible case. I spent half a year in a wheelchair. Then I lay half a year in bed and the doctors were preparing to cut off my legs. In this state I flew like a log on an airplane to meet with Sergei Solovyov and Sabura Sharipov. During this time, I was diagnosed with liver cancer and within a year made three unsuccessful operations, but to no avail. The fourth operation was scheduled for January and I was very surprised that I do not need to do 4 operations. My liver was normal. Thanks to Sergey and Sabuha for my second birth. Pictures were taken in February, and today I have clean feet, I go myself, I drive myself. Moreover, the sugar level was 25-30 at a rate of 5.2, and now the sugar level has practically normalized. I have results on sugar from 5.4 to 7.5.
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Sabuhi Sharifov - creator of bio-resonance therapy devices BIOMEDIS tells:

I want to acquaint you with the result of an application of the Biomeds device in the treatment of such insidious consequences of diabetes as a diabetic foot.

My friend, Igor X ...., has been living in Canada for a long time. Since 2010, Igor is diabetic, he takes an insulin. In addition, he had a liver cancer. I had met him in Odessa, in November 2016, when he came to his daughter to say goodbye because doctors said: ".. if you want to live at least somehow ....  a limb needs to be amputated ." And he is young (he was born in1967), he decided that a "phase transition" is better than without legs.
I gave him our Biomedis device .... Four months have passed. Admire the result:

1. Gangrene calcaneal region with a zone of demarcation. , pronounced hyperkeratosis and fungal lesions of the surrounding surface of the foot.

2. Ulcer of the outer region of the ankle with granulation around the wound.

3. Trophic ulcer with areas of necrosis, a zone of demarcation around, pronounced hyperkeratosis of the surrounding skin surface

4. Trophic ulcer in the stage of scarring (pronounced granulation shaft around the wound surface). Reduction of hyperkeratosis around the ulcer indicates an improvement in tissue trophism

5. Bubble of the heel region with the hemorrhagic exudate

By the way, liver cancer also disappeared!

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