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Erysipelas is a bacterial infection in the upper layer of your skin. The bacteria that most commonly cause erysipelas are known as streptococci, and they normally live on your skin and other body surfaces without causing harm. They can, however, enter your skin through a cut or a sore. Conditions that cause breaks in the skin, such as athlete’s foot and eczema, can sometimes lead to erysipelas.

Physiotherapeutic Device BIOMEDIS will successfully treat erysipelas within a week.

Treatment programmers:

- Drainage of 3000.50 m. (Set of 20 anti-parasitic programs, antiparatitarnye)

 - Streptococcus base, 38 min. (Diseases caused by bacteria, antiparasitic)

- Hemolytic Streptococcus, 38 min. (Diseases caused by bacteria, antiparatitarnye)

- Staphylococcus infektsiya.34 min. (Diseases caused by bacteria, antiparasitic)

- Inflammation of the total, 10 min. (Infectious diseases, antiparasitic)

- Rozsa, 22 min. (Dermatology, anti-parasitic)

- Erysipelas, 22 min. (Dermatology, anti-parasitic)

- Edema (stagnation of lymph, and kidneys), 28 min. (Symptoms and syndromes antiparasitic)

- Lymph detox, 1 hour 6 minutes. (Detoxification, anti-parasitic)

- Clean the blood, 16 min. (Detoxification, anti-parasitic)

- Elimination of toxins, 8 min. (Detoxification, anti-parasitic)

- Stabilization of the immune system, 48 min. (Immunology, antiparasitic)

- Immune reconstitution after stabilization, 54 min. (Immunology, antiparasitic)

- Skin. The regulation of the immune and barrier function, 15 min (dermatology and cosmetology, therapeutic)

- The regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-gonads, 20 minutes (physiological effects, therapeutic)

Total 8:00 17 minutes.

Physiotherapeutic Device BIOMEDIS on Android Platform (model 2015)

Physiotherapeutic Device BIOMEDIS  on Android Platform (model 2015)
The medical device "Biomedis" is indicated for administering of low frequency electromagnetic therapy, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.
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