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Monday, March 4, 2013

Treatment of Giardia infections


Giardia is a parasitic protozoan flagellate. Giardia is common in all parts of the world and the incidence is infection is high: one in five people in the world is infected with giardia, and this figure increases considerably every year. Giardia prevalence among children varies from 27-70%.
Humans are the source of infection (patient or carrier). Infection occurs through the mouth by ingestion of food or water contaminated with giardia, and when passing giardia to the mouth with dirty hands. It has been established that the chlorine, most commonly used for water purification, does not have any destructive effects on giardia cysts.
The disease caused by giardia is called giardiasis. Giardia parasites live in the small intestine, bile ducts and gall bladder. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, they multiply very quickly, irritating the mucous membrane.
Giardia exists in two forms: vegetative (mobile) and in the form of cysts.



When people are infected with giardia, there is pain in the upper abdomen, around the navel, rumbling and bloating of the stomach. There may be constipation alternating with diarrhea (the feces are yellow with mucus). Giardiasis can cause duodenitis, pancreatitis, enteritis, hepatitis and cholecystitis,a manifestation of the disease of local character. Often giardiasis hepatitis is observed: liver enlargement and induration. Often it is associated with lesions of the pancreas.
Giardiasis is often accompanied by symptoms of intoxication: fatigue, tearfulness, lethargy, headaches and depression.
This may be due to the decay of giardia and accumulation of their metabolic products in the bowel. Often allergies, joint pain, itching and fever is observed.
Diagnostics include microscopy of the stool or duodenal contents to detect giardia cysts. In chronic forms, the excretion of cysts is periodic, so to confirm the diagnosis, it is recommended
to test the feces 3-4 times at various intervals (7-8 days).

Life Cycle

Picture of life cycle (
The influence of electromagnetic fields on Giardia parasites

This problem can be solved with DETA-AP devices:

Not medicine at all, just the device and lots of water to flush the Giardia out of your system.


The “Giardia” program is intended for the treatment of giardiasis. It should be carried out at intervals of 1-3 days for 1 month (10-15 times). The frequency of application depends on the state of health after carrying out repetition of the program.
Treatment programs:
1. Protozoa;
2. Giardia;
3. ......
4. .....
5. .....
6. .....
7. .....
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If after repeated sessions there is pain in the left upper quadrant, the interval between sessions should be increased.
For the purpose of detoxification, “Drainage therapy” is recommended after the treatment program. It can be applied several times daily, as required. A prerequisite for carrying out drainage therapy is to drink plenty of clean, a non-carbonated and unboiled water, equivalent to not less than 30 ml. per kilogram body weight per day.
The criteria for being cured is the disappearance of giardia cysts in the stools or duodenal contents after treatment. It is recommended that testing is carried out 3-4 times at various intervals (7-8 days).

The antenna is located on the back of the unit. Range of the instrument of 1.5 m. For the device to take effect, place the device with the keys facing away from you at a distance of not more than 0.5 m, e.g. in your breast pocket.

The instrument work automatically. All programs will be activated one after another. The device should be turned on once a day and placed near you while programs do the work. You can either turn on the device in the morning and hang it on the belt or neck or place it with you in bed before you go to sleep.

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