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Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Inflammation of tonsils is called Tonsillitis. Tonsillitis can be viral and bacterial. Inflammation of the tonsils (or tonsillitis) is also called Angina (not Angina Pectoris, which is a heart/chest disease), usually a bacterial etiology. This disease has a number of complications and therefore requires mandatory treatment under the supervision of a therapist. Catarrhal Angina (inflammation without pus) is less common.


Angina is caused by bacteria streptococci (90% of cases) or staphylococci (less than 10%). It is a contagious disease; the source of infection may be the patient himself or any other carrier. Contamination often occurs through airborne droplets, although it is also possible by alimentary transmission, for example, using the same dish. Therefore, if a family member is ill with tonsillitis, he should be isolated, and his personal dishes separated at the time of the disease.


•A sharp and severe pain in the throat, that worsens on swallowing
 •High body temperature (39-40 C)
 •General weakness, headache
 •Swollen lymph nodes, which are palpated under the lower jaw close to the neck
 •Children (especially young) express other characteristic symptoms such as not eating, drooling and pain in the ears.

In lacunar tonsillitis, tonsils are enlarged in size, red, covered with white bloom formed by pus in the gaps of the tonsils; and in follicular tonsillitis, tonsils are red, covered with pale yellow bubbles, like grains of rice.


Diagnosis of Angina based on clinical symptoms of the disease; in some cases, your doctor may also carry out check for Diphtheria.


Angina can be successfully treated by medical devices of electromagnetic therapy “Deta-Ritm”and "Deta-Ap".


All customers who have purchased Deta devices over can always count on the personal support and treatment programs.

1. A...;
2.Chronic tonsillitis;
and always

The program "Chronic tonsillitis" is effective for both prevention and treatment of tonsillitis. Just turn on the DETA-RITM device and put into a pocket.
The mode "Chronic tonsillitis" is used in convenient time. If it is necessary, repeat the session in half an hour.


1. Sta....;
2. C...;
3. C...;
4. M...;
5. Staph;
6. C...;
7. S...s;
8. S...n;
9. D...
every 4 hours.

Electronic reference programs Therapy 8.0 set for Deta-AP and Deta-Ritm programming

Therapy 8.0 includes more than 3000 applications for various diseases. The programmer is required to delete old and add new programs to devices "DETA -RITM" and "DETA-AP". The process of programming is extremely simple and takes 3-5 minutes.

Angina (or tonsillitis) Therapy Programs:


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