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ZENWAVE device is a controlled oscillator analyzer that is used to influence the body and mind of a person and to control the physical and emotional state as well as life-event processes..

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ZENWAVE is a device that has a potential to change your life. 

ZENWAVE device is the synthesis of two innovative technologies - Bioland and Zenlight. 

Bioland Technology (BL) is a miniature live copy of Earth's natural electromagnetic background. BL recreates the natural source of human biorhythms synchronization, drowned in the technogenic 'electromagnetic smog'. It is used in residential and industrial buildings to eliminate the after effects of the harmful influence of artificial electromagnetic radiation, to synchronize the left and right hemispheres, to harmonize the hormone production and to restore biological rhythms of the human body. 

Zenlight Technology (ZL) is a physical system based on the process of electron tunneling, with quantum effects and original way of processing the results of interaction of mental structures of a human with the space-time structures. ZL is a simulator-indicator, designed for the development of human capacities in the field of intention and mind-volitional influence on the running internal metabolic and psycho-emotional processes as well as an external life events line. 


BL imitates the natural primary electromagnetic background of the Earth that has been existing in the atmosphere for thousands of years. Human brain rhythms synchronized with the background of the Earth in the process of evolution. The background rhythm of our brain is the alpha rhythm - the same as the background rhythm of the Earth. 

Studies have shown that the background rhythm of the Earth serves as a reference signal to the brain, affecting the pineal gland, providing regulation of biorhythms of endocrine functions and metabolism of the organism. 

Today, the harmful radiation caused by industrial and consumer electronics and radio equipment, communication and power lines, interferes with the brain. The power of the electromagnetic smog is 200 thousand times higher than the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, and can be 'heard' by our brain in the most remote corners of the planet. Electromagnetic smog interrupts our brain from capturing the background rhythm of the Earth, forcing a constant adaptation and malfunction of the whole organism. The brain loses its outer fulcrum point which maintains health. 

As a result of the work, BL:
  • eliminates the effects of harmful impact of artificial electromagnetic radiations and fields;
  • synchronizes the left and right hemispheres by harmonizing the production of hormones;
  • restores the biological rhythms of the human body;
  • helps with stress, depression, chronic fatigue and meteosensitivity;
  • influences over higher nervous activity and intellectual abilities;
  • stimulates the production of melatonin hormone, which strengthens the immune system, provides an antitumor protection, reduces body weight, eliminates stress and inhibits the process of senescence.
Synchronization with the natural background of the Earth supports the most productive human brain rhythms, which correspond to the state of shallow meditation. Strengthening these rhythms leads to positive emotions, relaxation and comfort. Natural background of the Earth supports abstract thinking, helps to enter into a state of inspiration and augmented cognition.


95% of people are not satisfied with their income, work, health, relationships, the situation with accomodation and other things. Everyone wants to change something in live. Studies of neurobiology and quantum physics have shown that the brain of a human determines his/her whole life (beliefs, behaviors, reactions and attitude towards life).To change the brain, and thus to change life, you need to start thinking differently. 

With a repeated mental rehearsal of an event, action, feeling, neural connections of a brain rearrange in accordance with our objectives. We can make our thoughts so real, that the changes in the body will be the same as if the event had already happened. Each of us is able to prepare the body and mind for real life changes. 

For example, in one study, the first group of testees was asked to do exercises to increase finger strength by pressing the spring during four weeks for one hour a day. Their muscle strength increased by 30%. The testees of the second group, doing the same exercise only mentally, increased their muscle strength by 22% without any physical activity. 

These tests have shown that there is a real connection between brain and body, and in fact, the mind can change the body. And if we focus on any idea, the brain stops to distinguish the inner world of our thoughts from the external reality. Physical changes may occur as a result of our thoughts, our intentions and our meditations. That is why, if we mentally rehearse a future event every day, there will begin the internal changes, the destruction of the old neural connections in the brain and the formation of new ones - such as if you have already started to make your dream come true. By changing our mind, we change the circumstances. 

Zenlight allows you to train the power of thought, changing the brain's neural connections. With a constant use, you will feel that your mind is capable of more efficient interaction with the matter. You will discover previously unknown internal self-limits and the impact of unconscious mental activity in daily life. This practice will allow you to feel better your interaction with life circumstances and to influence them. Changes of your mind will manifest in your life. 

Zenlight is a mental simulator and analyzer of a stream of random events. The analysis result is displayed with colored LEDs defining a color being emitted. ZL technology changes the color of the LEDs depending on the environment and responds to human consciousness and subconsciousness. The simulator is used in different practices for the development of consciousness (meditation, concentration, relaxation, intention, health improvement, etc.).

Simultaneous use of Zenlight and Bioland technologies

Shared use of Zenlight and Bioland technologies enhances your abilities in the field of intention and mental-volitional impact on internal metabolic and psycho-emotional processes as well as external life events. 

Having an information-quantum impact on ZENWAVE, you make changes in the field generated by the device, in accordance with your mental attitude. Next, this field, corrected by your intention, affects you taking into account the mental attitudes made, helping you to strengthen your intention subconsciously at the information level. Thus, the shared use of BL and ZL technologies allows to accelerate and improve the quality of the process of mental abilities. 

Specially designed practices using ZENWAVE help to:
  • get rid of your own limits and beliefs;
  • change the state of your health;
  • learn how to concentrate and relax the mind, have the ability to manage the state of your brain, changing your live;
  • reveal the power of your subconsciousness for health and prosperity.

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