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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Herpes is the Masked Killer Virus

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Herpes is The Masked Killer Virus

His ghost is haunting not only Europe, but also worldwide. He consistently appears in many different countries from time to time, passing through the land victoriously. According to experts, last year in England this virus killed more than thirty thousand people. The UK media named the virus a fearsome figure. In 1916 the number of deaths tolled over half a million people worldwide from this virus. All of these deaths are noted without considering complications and other side effects on the human body from being infected.

The name of this ruthless murderer has become familiar to us: the influenza virus - one of the most widespread among all the diagnosis of acute respiratory disease, or colloquially, colds. People have become used to becoming inflicted each year with the influenza virus and succumb to his searing embrace. Too often we do not recognise the importance if we are conflicted with a headache or a fever.
Meanwhile, scientists around the world are sounding the alarm every year, indexing new versions and mutations of this virus. New vaccines bring fabulous profits for pharmaceutical companies, but in spite of these vaccines we are greeted by the flu again and again. Due to the extremely rapid mutation rate of these viruses medical scientists are forced to constantly produce more and more new vaccines. We are met by a deadlock in the way that the vaccinations should be measured in hundreds and thousands if we want to protect ourselves from all known varieties of the virus today. But where is the guarantee that tomorrow there will not be a new mutation?

Those who are vaccinated prior to being infected with the new virus are weakened in body, thus provoking complications and facilitating infection with other viruses. It turns out that in addition to its own body, flu can not win any medication. There is no known pharmaceutical antibiotic that is able to cope reliably with the insidious infection. The only drugs that help the future maintenance of the human body are the ones that boost the body’s natural defences.

Recently, the media started talking about the amazing selectivity flu. For example, the so-called Sydney virus is more likely to infect young and apparently healthy people between the ages of thirty to forty-five. And this is despite the fact that many of them are involved in sports and lead healthy lifestyles.

The sad statistics suggest that effective means of combating the flu does not exist. This statement is ready to challenge the Laboratory of Social Ecology. They believe the problem is fundamentally beyond only medical aspects.

- We come to influenza at a young age in school life - says a leading specialist team Elena Babenko. Long-term observations by laboratory staff show people who have received vaccinations get influenza at a slightly less rate than those who did not receive these vaccinations. Regardless of prior vaccination the virus manifests itself differently in different people: slight symptoms or extreme symptoms.
This suggests that the virus primarily affects those who have serious disturbances in energy-informational shell. Influenza likes to experience strength, thereby producing a kind of natural selection. If you imagine a protective energy-informational shell of a man like a fortress with a moat, the flu virus is constantly besieged. Day by day, hour after hour the virus tries to find a gap or a weak link in the defence.

The primary attribute of this type of virus is that it is as if it recognises the characteristics to the best path of human destruction, and strikes when the victim suspects nothing. It is for this reason it is sometimes very difficult to consume a real pharmacological protection against viral infection. And yet, there is disease prevention not only through vaccination. In Social Ecology Laboratory there have been a number of not overly complex technologies developed to increase the resistance to psycho-energy shell man. For ten years, the Institute of Informatics Russian defence industries have been working on energy-information to counter infections. There are more than fifteen years of technology called "Filter" was in 1996 to complement the original design, which is well named - "Virus".
The combination of these two methods can get rid of the symptoms of the flu virus in just two days. This is provided that you start with your own body when noticing first signs of the disease. The set of methods is applied six times a day for five minutes, allowing to feel completely able-bodied on the second day, and to give a total of 30 minutes a day to maintain virus prevention in a well-prepared person.

Technologies themselves are universal. "Filter" for example, is very actively used by security services and especially intelligence. With this technology it is possible to eliminate the effects of alcohol on the human brain, furthermore even when consuming high doses of alcoholic beverages the consciousness remains sober. In the same way, you can eliminate the effects of food poisoning as well as toxins and poisons from injuries. It is truly a versatile technology that can target different factors. Influenza - the only one of its features. "Filter" is able to successfully clear the body of any infections that spread through the lymphatic and nervous systems of the body.

"Virus" technology makes it possible to fight against almost any virus. A non-exhaustive list includes flu, almost all sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis "A" , "B" , "C" and many others. When using this technology often there is a restorative effect on the affected tissues of the body, even the regeneration of liver cells, stomach and other organs of patients.

This creates a major victory over the enemies of mankind and is not the fruit of idle fiction. They confirmed from daily practices and clinical trials, as well as among patients with so-called refuseniks, which official medicine has been unable to help. Among these hopeless patients in the clinical trials about 60 percent were able to return to normal life and continue to live today. This is despite the fact that the laboratory staffs are not engaged in the care of the people. Their direct problem is the study and remediation of human thought processes - the formation of an environmentally friendly way of thinking, curing disease and improve health at the same time is side effect of this work.

Truly unique cases were documented by the Laboratory of Social Ecology. A patient with a insulin-dependent form of diabetes was able to lead a normal life without injections after two sessions. Another case had a patient’s vision improve by five diopters. A young mother was able to rid her three sons of disease through months of hard work.

If we take the analogy of a computer, the doctors are trying to replace the chip in case of failures in the system, and re-adjust the defenses for optimal protection. Laboratory staff from the St. Petersburg Institute of Ear, Throat and Speech clarified in 1997 that the modern medical concept of viral diseases in not completely understood. Diseases can naturally be called material objects - viruses.
Disease sets in after a subject has had a distortion in their energy structure and often feels a discomfort in the outside world; this is the beginning of the manifestation of energy deviations inside him.

Figures 8 shows schematically the program to get rid of viruses. In order to help this technology , you need only occasionally scroll " cartoon " in his mind.

Fig . 1. The figure shows the human body ( blue spiral with rainbow core ) and the virus body (brown spiral) , evolving in time . Virus body creates process that connects to the man.

Fig . 2 . The second figure shows how the virus changes the human body, depriving it of the energy and how that energy flows through the body of the virus in the appendage ( yellow arrows ) . Rainbow core human change.

Fig . 3 . Mentally imagine a lens focusing cosmic energy into the center of the human body. This energy (yellow cone) fed by processes in the body of the virus , are formed simultaneously burst flame annealing .

Fig . 4 . Explosion cuts process of the virus from the human body. Since cosmic energy still continues to feed the virus , he does not notice his separation from a "donor ."

Fig . 5 . The human body recovers its rosy core and the outer spiral covered with a protective layer ( green) . Yellow dot shows the space component of the protective layer of the imaginary human body. The virus can not penetrate this layer .

Fig . 6. To consolidate the success imagine the tangle of yellow on a green background . To him the space stretches yellow thread. When viewed from above , the tangle slowly rotates clockwise . The yarn , in turn , itself screwed onto it. Value for speed : 10 rpm for 1 vertical horizontal circulation.

Fig . 7. Speed ​​coil and thread increased to 100 rpm for 1 vertical horizontal.

Fig . 8. Two minutes after the start of " winding " of the coil increases speed to 1000 rpm for 1 vertical horizontal. It seems peculiar glow of yellow light around the coil . Thus with the help of sharp sound ( clapping , children shot gun , etc.) brain pulsed collects all these pictures .

With the proper application of this technology one feels enlightened in the eyes disappear and the severity of pain in the cervical spine , headache stops .

Andrei Rakitin
V.V.Gubanov (Rector of the "International Institute of Social Ecology")
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