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Wireless Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices. Wireless disease treatment without drugs and surgery.

Wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wireless Physiotherapeutic Device MINI device MINI enables administering correction of the environment with the help of electromagnetic fields with amplitude modulation (from 0.01 to 10000 Hz), having high accuracy of set frequencies. Frequencies of Foll, Schmidt and Rife are used while administering this type of impact.

The great therapeutic effect of Biomedis Mini is achieved due to the high penetrating power of the electromagnetic field into the human body. The vibration frequency is calibrated with very high precision, making it possible to affect a directly specified microorganism without injuring adjacent tissue or organs.

Biomedis Mini gently and harmlessly affects the human body without disturbing its energo informational balance either in whole, or locally. Another important advantage of the DeVita Ritm device is the availability of automatic programs for the course maintenance of health.

 One complex of programs can be downloaded into the device. The program is downloaded from the suitable software Biomedis MINI on PC. It is needed to update Framework till the 4th version in order to install this software. Every program consists of set of frequencies performed consistently.

The total quantity of frequencies in all programs is limited in the size: not over than 1000 frequencies. The total duration of the downloaded complex's working time is not over than 12 hours. The device is equipped with a USB-port for its connection with PC. The same port serves as an input for charging accumulator.


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