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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Smart Life-Bioresonance Therapy Portable Device

                                 Warranty period of operation is 5 years since the day of purchase.

The Smart Life medical device is intended for the performance of low-frequency electromagnetic therapy — action on damaged organs with electromagnetic low-frequency radiation. This device combines two methods of therapy: electromagnetic and wave.

The organism and its functioning systems are sources of extremely weak electromagnetic oscillations in the wider spectrum of frequencies. Electromagnetic oscillations are the level of control; they stimulate and govern all vital processes within the organism. Being influenced by pathogenic factors, new sources of electromagnetic oscillations which are not characteristic for the organism arise.
The pathological process passes through the following stages in succession.
  1. A healthy organ. Functioning without the impact of any pathological factors. In this mode the organ works properly and its energy is correspondingly in the norm.
  2. The initial stage. A temporary disparity between various functioning levels of the bio-system. The impact of a pathological factor is weak. At this stage, energy in the organism is enough for it to return to its normal condition.
  3. The second stage. A malfunction of the informational flow within the organism. The organ works under the condition of functional exertion. At this stage it is unable to adequately respond to the impact of an external destructive factor. A similar condition, which is characteristic of stress, arises during the syndrome of chronic fatigue. Independent recovery is possible, but requires active participation of patient himself.
  4. The third stage. A disruption of the energy interchange — not enough for normal functioning of the organ. Without outside assistance the organism can no longer return to normal functioning. Therapeutic procedures are necessary for recovery.
  5. The fourth stage. A disruption of metabolism and the destruction of structures. This condition characterizes an organ functioning with an illness. It possesses little energy and is not able to defend itself from illness. A chronic disease ensues. With further displacement of the frequency, degeneration of the organ and the death of tissue take place.
The main idea behind the application of the electromagnetic and wave therapy methods is that, when correctly selecting a frequency for treatment action, it is possible even with a very insignificant signal to substantially strengthen a normal biological system or to ease pathological oscillations in one.
The  Smart Life device’s treatment action is based on the frequency impact of an electromagnetic field on microorganisms. A parasite’s death only occurs when the spectrum of oscillations radiated by the device coincide with the oscillations radiated by the parasite which are in the organism. Therefore, it is very important to properly diagnose and to carry out a strict course of action. This device does not possess preventative qualities. It is only possible to cure an infection which already exists within the organism.
A positive therapeutic effect is attained due to the fine penetrating ability of the electromagnetic field within the organism. A high accuracy of frequency tuning provides the possibility of acting decisively on the parasite and killing it. Parasites begin to perish at a high rate, after which they end up in the blood and lymphatic systems, which can create a toxic load. The microorganisms’ extraction takes place in 3-4 days. Because of this, it is necessary to apply the device once a week.
The  Smart Life allows one to conduct treatment according to specially developed programs. Each of them is intended for action on a specific kind of parasite. These treatment programs are simple and accessible, and do not require any special preparation by the user.
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