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Treatment programs of the Prolongation of Male Youth complex

1. The Regulation of the Male Genitourinary System

The Regulation of the Male Genitourinary System mode is intended to treat diseases of the male genitourinary system. The program covers a wide range of men’s issues and is very useful for men. The older a man, the more the program is needed. The program has shown good results in treatment of prostatitis, impotency and other complaints.

Prostatitis is non-specific inflammation of the prostate gland. It often occurs after instrumental urologic examination and urinary catheterization.

Symptoms and treatment. Perineum pain, pain in the area of urinary bladder and rectum, frequent urination, nighttime urination, terminal hematuria, pyuria; high temperature and intoxication. Palpitation can determine that the prostate gland is enlarged and sore. During abscess formation it fluctuates.

Complications: burst of the abscess into the rectum, a urinary bladder and perineum; sepsis.

The program takes about 30 min.

The major effect of the program is regulation of the function of hypothalamus-pituitary-genital gland system. It makes it possible to regulate the function of the prostate gland and testes. The program is a basis for the prevention and treatment of impotency. The treatment can deliver good results if there is no injury and surgical intervention is not required.

The sessions can be performed not only to treat prostatitis but also to prevent it. For preventive purposes, the sessions should be performed once a week. For treatment, the sessions should be carried out daily at any time of the day when needed. The device should be placed in a trouser pocket or around the body.

2. The Urinary Bladder and Prostate Gland mode

The prostate gland carries out the exchange of male sex hormones, which is important for the activity of the whole body as well as for men’s sexual activity. There are close functional relationships between the prostate gland and testes. It is well known that the activity of the prostate gland decreases after removal of the testes. First, biosynthetic processes become slower, and eventually they stop. The prostate gland shrinks as a result of cell destruction in the glandular epithelium (for example, in chronic prostatitis). A decrease in the activity of the prostate gland adversely affects testicular activity, which has an impact on the male sexual function and destroys the process of sperm formation. In addition to regulation of sexual activity and normalization of the reproduction process, the prostate gland influences the act of urination, the metabolism and the urinary, vascular and nervous systems.

The program takes about 40 min.

The set of frequencies was selected using Royal Raymond Rife’s materials and it is intended for the treatment of prostate adenoma and prostatitis, as well as other sexual dysfunction diseases. The program makes it possible to regulate the activity of the urinary bladder, testes and prostate gland.

3. The Potency Improvement mode

Unfortunately, most men assess their potency based on the physical size of their genital organs, frequency or duration of sexual intercourse and speed of attaining an erection. That is wrong, since potency can be described as the ABILITY TO SATISFY A WOMAN. In other words, a man’s potency should be assessed by a woman. It often happens that a man has sexual contact with two women. And one woman is absolutely happy with his potency, whereas the other considers him almost impotent. Why? It is obvious that everything depends on the magical feeling of love, which inspires thoughts and actions.

A woman in love, expressing her love and endearment in relation to her beloved man, can significantly improve his potency. That means that, to increase his potency, the man should answer her with love as well. He should award her with a gentle word or tender look. When the woman feels that her man cares for her, she will be more responsive, flexible and grateful. The man’s potency depends on the woman. A woman can be passionate with an inexperienced man while she can be cold with a skilled and experienced man. Everything depends on her attitude and mood. She can either support or discourage the man. She can either bring him confidence or a sense of a complete disaster.

4. Penile Erection

Erection represents functional growth of volume and tenseness of the penis. Erection makes it possible to perform the sexual act and inject sperm into the vagina. Erection occurs as result of a strong supply of arterial blood to cavernous bodies, an increase in the pressure of the artery supplying blood to the penis and a simultaneous reduction of outflow of venous blood. Erection is the result of the interaction of nerves, arteries and muscles. Disorders in the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood mostly result from a dysfunction of the nervous system regulating sexual function. In rare cases, erection issues can be due to pathology of the blood vessels and perineum muscles, which are also involved in erection.

Erection can occur as a reflex regulated by spinal marrow. However it can also occur due to activity of cerebral cortex.

Erection usually occurs due to stimulus of the sense organs (visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory), sending impulses to the cerebral cortex and then to the sex centers of the interbrain. Then the impulses are transferred to the medulla oblongata and spinal cord. Some of the impulses reach the erection center in the sacrum and stimulate it. Some of the impulses depart from upper sections of the lumbar spine, go through sympathetic fiber and then directly to the penis through the hypogastric plexuses. This is how erection occurs as a result of psychological stimulation. The stimulation impulses are transferred directly to the penis, avoiding the erection center of the spinal cord.

The program takes about 40 min.

The set of frequencies was selected using Royal Raymond Rife’s materials and it is intended for treatment of erection dysfunction. It does not cover psychological issues. The program regulates blood circulation and makes it possible to restore blood vessel activity. The program improves sexual desire, affecting the sexual center and Chakra 2 (Svadhisthana). Chakra 2 deals with the quality of love that a man can feel in relation to a woman. In the normal work of Chakra 2, a man can feel strong sexual and physical pleasure in sexual intercourse and he can have an orgasm.

5. The Psychopotency mode

Fear of failure is an indicator of a man’s ability to transform an expected event into an actual one. Fear of sexual failure can be so strong that potency can never recover. And the more a man strives to be “strong,” the stronger the barrier affecting the erection becomes. Pathologically or excessively focusing on the activity of certain organs leads to a loss of the automatism that ensures smooth realization of the function. It is well known that, if we focus on how we walk, we will stumble more often. Concentration on particular issues and anticipation of failure hinders the automatic activity of sexual function. And the most important factor is the emotional upheaval arising from the thought of sexual failure and the strong desire for an erection. By constantly controlling the erection process, a man analyzes a situation where a man is ordinarily unable to think about anything. The more effort a man makes in the process, the less chance he has of success.

The program takes about 40 min.

The set of frequencies was selected using Royal Raymond Rife’s materials and it is intended to treat psychological issues relating to the “failure” syndrome; for example, failure at the first sexual attempt made in unfavorable conditions.

Besides psychological correction, the program also regulates the activity of Chakra 6 (Ajna). If Chakra 6 does not work properly, then an individual is misled, his perception of reality is distorted, and usually negatively. A man is unable to generate creative ideas. When Chakra 6 works properly, a man is active and capable of realizing his ideas.

Regular performance of the program makes it possible to eliminate anxiety about failure and increase confidence of successful sexual intercourse.
This problem can be solved with the Bioresonance Therapy devices:

 The main cause of prostatitis - is getting into the prostate infection: ureaplasma, mycoplasma, anaerobic bacteria, and intestinal bacteria, also,  virus - herpes, cytomegalovirus and yeast fungi of the genus Candida.

The treatment of prostate adenoma:

"Activation of the immune system".
"Regulation male endocrine system function"
"Сirculatory regulation"
"Regulation of gastrointestinal"
"Enlarged Prostate"
"Deep Cleaning"
"Erectile Dysfunction"

 The treatment of prostatitis.

"Activation of the immune system".
"Regulation male endocrine system function".
"Сirculatory regulation".
"Deep Cleaning".
"Erectile Dysfunction"

Prevention programs.

"Activation of the immune system".
"Regulation of male urogenital system".
"Сirculatory regulation".
"Deep Cleaning".
"Erectile Dysfunction"

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