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Monday, January 5, 2015

Stay Healthy And Be Beautiful Without Wrinkles

Advantages of DeVita COSMO

This is a new stage in the development of Cosmetology

  • Wrinkle
  • Non-surgical facelift
  • Getting rid of acne and pimples
  • Restoration of the protective functions of the skin, normalization of metabolic processes, improve complexion
  • As a result, the regular use of the device the skin becomes smooth, elastic

The DeVita COSMO works using two therapeutic modalities:

  • Low-wave electromagnetic radiation
  • Quantum Light

No more need for toxic botox injections to iron out wrinkles – the DeVita COSMO can do this without any side effects and is far more cost-effective. In order to further optimize skin care, with astounding results for eradicating even deep wrinkles permanently, Deta Elis has now teamed with the DEL’OR range of unique, patented products that are a class of their own amongst cosmetics. The combination of the DEL’OR range with the DeVita COSMO has to be seen to be believed.

How this device work?

«DeVita Cosmo» - the first device only cosmetic purpose in the line DeVita. The company was able to realize a fundamentally new approach to getting rid of wrinkles and maintain a youthful and healthy skin.

In «DeVita Cosmo» implemented has no analogues in the world technology, in which sustained cosmetic effect is achieved due to the action of the quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Unlike most cosmetic chemical based temporarily eliminating only external defects, «DeVita COSMO» affects the deeper skin layers, primarily its body healthy.

The skin can be considered a reflection of deeper health issues in a person. A dry, tired-looking and irritated skin shows that something in the person is imbalanced or not functioning well. The DeVita COSMO was designed to help the skin recuperate its natural elasticity and vitality using Quantum light as well as electromagnetic therapy.

The DEVITA COSMO can do this without any side effects and is far more cost-effective than more traditional methods of beautifying yourself.

But it goes far beyond the wrinkles – it is actually a sophisticated anti-ageing device that helps to rejuvenate and balance vital organ systems that are known to lead to premature ageing when they are imbalanced.

Apart from rejuvenating the skin using Quantum coloured light on specific zones of the body, it can also be used with its electromagnetic healing modality combined with the Quantum light to upregulate and balance the following organ systems.

Help With

  • restores / enhances the immune system, reduces stress, helps with nervous disorders, helps in the treatment / recovery of any organs and tissues.

Work Like Sniper Rifle

  • Device can remove any type of pain - in few minutes! It's very effectively.

Base Program List:
You receive device with this programs, but don't worry, this programs can be changed

1. Skin Wrinkles
2. Facial Tonus
3. Female Health
4. Male Health
5. Liver Function
6. Live Quietly
7. Stomach Regulation
8. Digestion
9. Like Clockwork
10. Renal Stimulation
11. Thyroid
12. Hearth And Blood Vessels
13. Spleen Functioning
14. Key Of Life
15. Bright Eyes
16. Clear Skin
17. Braid At Its Best
18. Manicure Master
19. Face Without Defects
20. Easy Feet

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