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Wireless Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices. Wireless disease treatment without drugs and surgery.

Wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Wellness Device Protect your world from any parasite or virus. This device can treat almost everything

Kill Any Parasite

Viruses - 90 types, Bacteria - 91 types, Fungi - 61 types, Elementary - 31 types, Helminths - 33 types

Work Like Sniper Rifle

Device like sniper rifle and Kill only these parasites on which devices configured. And do not touch the beneficial micro-organisms


Device kill only parasites. Them don't touch human organism, he can kill only parasites and take only positive effect to human organism.

Save Money

Save your money - buy device and treat all life. After buying this device you do not need use pills and antibiotics

Simple Using

Device very simple in using, every person can use them. Child and old man can do this. You need turn on device, choose program and start.

Wide Range Of Applications

With DeVita AP you can cure a wide range of diseases, contact with us and find out whether the device is to deal with your problem.
Base Program List:
You receive device with this programs, but don't worry, this programs can be changed.
1. Immune resistance 2. Clean eyes D      3. Clean eyes A4. Eyelids   5. Cornea 6. Anti-Flu C 7. Anti-Flu B 8. Anti-Flu A 9. Anti-Flu Basic 10. Detoxification 11. Anti-Allergy 12. No Cold13. Cocci Stop 14. Clean Eyes 15. Free Breath 16. Helping a gourmand 17. Antiseptic 18. Clean Feet (kill fungi) 19. Head free of pain 20. No worms 21. Intimate health 22. Clean lymph 23. Clean liver 24. Clean kidneys 25. Power of liver and kidneys 26. No herpes 27. No protatists 28. Candida stop 29. Colon bacillus 30. Anti-inflamination

More Features
You don't see your problem in programs list? And want read on another language? Don't problem! We have software with base more than 3000 programs and 5 languages for our devices. Our Software update every month and you can receive new programs. So you can customize programs list in your device how you want.

Benefits of our software:
You can save archive with your programs and load them later,
if you need change programs in your device
Your programs archive is secured by AES256
You can add 5 additional automatic programs in your device
With this software you can treat almost everything

Met with equipment 4 years ago. The first and most striking result, which helped to believe in the operation of the equipment - is result of my child, who had asthma, after inspection, we found out the reason - it was the worms in the lungs (roundworm). After a few sessions treatment device DeVita AP problem went away completely.
Elena Trayno

I discovered this equipment a year ago, purely by accident and in the process I became interested because I had a rash on the face. I was subsequently diagnosed and got rid of the bacteria called "Helicobacter" which really improved the condition of my skin and my quality of life.
Anatoly Naida
Web Developer, Australia

Every year, I have herpes out on the lip. Sometimes several times. After the course antigerpesnoy program with DeVita AP, now this problem do not bother me more than one year. Too often, appear lesions on the tip of the tongue (something like stomatitis). Rinse not help. In this state, typically in about one week. It was painful to talk and eat. At the next appearance of sores within 2 days, I several times use the program "Streptococcus" in DeVita AP. The wound started to tighten and the pain was gone. I can not remember the last time I jumped out this crap.
Valentine Mooler
Student, Freelancer, Germany

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