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Wireless Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices. Wireless disease treatment without drugs and surgery.

Wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses.

Saturday, January 26, 2013




High therapeutic effect is achieved at the expense and complex effects on the body color/light and the electromagnetic field with great precision frequency setting.

Medical staff «DETA-Cosmo» is intended to perform a comprehensive therapy:

Effects of electromagnetic low-energy radiation;
Effect on the color / light of low intensity.
The device operates at frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. Apparatus «DETA-Cosmo» enables the therapy of a wide range of diseases by specifically designed for the instrument program. Each program is designed to treat a specific disease. Methods of implementation of treatment programs is simple, accessible and requires no special training for the user. High therapeutic effect is achieved through the combined effects on the body color/ light and electromagnetic therapy with high precision frequency setting.

Therapeutic effects of using apparatus «DETA-Cosmo» based on modern scientific views, set out in guidelines. Implementation of the new method of treatment in the device has a high therapeutic effect.

Therapeutic effects of color / light on the human skin are well known and modern medicine uses this effect for medicinal purposes. Famous Scientists describe the past number of zones on the surface of the skin associated with the internal organs of the neuro-reflex connections. Each biologically active zone in the body directly or indirectly associated with a particular organ or system of organs and their functions.

In the arrangement of zones is a certain regularity. They are on the skin as in the immediate vicinity of the bodies and away from them on hands and feet.

For the therapy apparatus «DETA-Cosmo» skin surface of human body is divided into 19 zones, which makes it easy to navigate and to expose the desired therapeutic effect zone.

According to the results of medical research and clinical trials revealed the following effects:

Enhanced recovery processes in nerve cells and strengthen immunity;

Enhancing the learning process and creative abilities, treatment of children with disabilities;

Reaching and extension of the state of wellness.

Treatment of arrhythmia and other diseases of the cardiovascular system;
Treatment of insomnia;
A powerful antioxidant effect;
Analgesic effect;
Relief from migraine and pain;
Anti-inflammatory effect;
Decongestants action;
Regeneration of tissues;
Reducing symptoms of depression;
Reducing stress influences and fast relaxation;
Reduced lipid peroxidation.
Removing the pain syndrome before and after operative measures;

Therapeutic care for drug abuse practices, including the introduction of a patient into a state of hypnotic effect;

Improvement of microcirculation.

«DETA-Cosmo» has a soft, harmless effect on the body and can be used without age limit user in the treatment of diseases described in treatment programs.

«DETA-Cosmo» can operate in 2 modes of therapy:

Mode low-frequency electromagnetic therapy. In this mode, the device is powered by batteries, "AA". (Basic equipment)
Mode combined therapy (quantum + low-frequency electromagnetic therapy). When combined therapy device are powered by batteries, and quantum console powered from the mains power supply. (Optional)

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