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Friday, September 14, 2012

The clinical of DETA-AP and DERA-RITM devices of Diseases : Chronic prostatitis, Chronic cystitis ,Acute urethritis ,Chronic pyelonephritis,Renal calculi ,Kidney cyst ,Oligospermia ,Renal colic ,Oxalate-, phosphate-, uraturia ,Erectile dysfunction


By the Chair of Physiotherapy Department
of Advanced Medical Training Department
of Voronezh State N.N. Burdenko Medical Academy
Doctor of Medicine, Professor
(Signature) V.A. Borisov
March 26, 2005
(Seal: Russian Federation   Voronezh   Health Care Institution
Clinical Health Resort)
of clinical tests of electromagnetic therapy
medical devices DETA (Voronezh)
From April 12, 1997 till present time andrologist uses three models of electromagnetic therapy medical device DETA – DETA-UDT, DETA-7, DETA-8 in the course of treatment of urogenital male organs. Devices are designed to impact the human body through weak electromagnetic field with a carrier frequency of 10 kHz and therapeutic impulses in the frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. A microprocessor, which generates signals as a set of frequencies, depending on a given program, is installed into the devices. The work time of the device at each frequency and the frequency set for each of pathology was programmed according to the methodological recommendations provided by Research and Development Enterprise ELIS. We have developed a range of personal methods to treat urological diseases. The patients were examined before the treatment was prescribed. Patent No. 2000114578 issued on march 20, 2003, was obtained for the examination method “Method of complex diagnosis of diseases of male genitourinary system”. The patients were treated as out patients, during the reception, at dome, and both.
Clinical efficiency of treatment applying electromagnetic therapy medical devices DETA
DiseasesTotal number of patientsTreatment results
CuredNo changes
Number of patients%Number of patients%
Chronic prostatitis4800479299,880,2
Benign prostatic hyperplasia52051599,051,0
Chronic cystitis383810000
Acute urethritis929210000
Chronic pyelonephritis45645610000
Renal calculi525096,123,9
Kidney cyst121210000
Renal colic3310000
Oxalate-, phosphate-, uraturia23523510000
Erectile dysfunction373710000
All patients tolerate procedures well, there were no side effects and complications. Only one patient could not tolerate treatment with a DETA device. But he also could not tolerate any other physiotherapy.
The number of sessions varies from 1 to 60. A huge range of frequencies allows the physician to create individual treatment programs based on a combination of disease and to conduct them simultaneously, and if a patient has a portable device at home, he can conduct sessions at home or during the work time.
Conclusion: We recommend electromagnetic therapy devices DETA for treatment of million of ill men, it will allow them to eliminate unpleasant diseases without surgery and spending little amount of money.
Urologist                                             (Signature) Viktor Ivanovich Chernykh
(Seal: Self-employed Individual    Voronezh
Viktor Ivanovich Chernykh)

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