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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Test yourself with DeRofes

Within a couple of minutes the device evaluates the functional energy state of 16 organs and body systems. An intuitive software interface and detailed guidelines allow the device to be used by people without special education. 

How does DeRofes work?

DeROFES is designed to test the overall level of health and functional status of 17 major organs and body systems. 
Give us the opportunity to see some impacts which can occur during normal life such as: physical state, stress, addictions, climate changes, environmental issues.
The assessment of mental and emotional state indicates the level of fatigue, stress and nervous tension, and enables you to see the influence of emotions on the work of your body.
Everyday testing allows you to see the dynamics of the process in individual organs and the whole organism.
DeROFES testing technique is based on the method of electro-puncture.
The method is based on stimulating the biologically active point p-7 on the inner side of your left hand wrist by passing an electrical micro current impulse through it to all the organs causing a respond reaction.
The responses from the rhythms, like an echo, get b ack to the device and later they are compared with reference ranges for a healthy person.
The results of testing are presented in assessments of functional state of organs and systems.
Rates and corresponding level of health are displayed on a color scale from dark green to red.
Family care: with DeROFES you can observe health of your closest friends and family.
Early treatment: with DeROFES you can see the problem before you risk health. Usually you are guided by symptoms when it is necessary consult a physician. The sooner you catch problem, the 
easier it is to solve it.
Nutrition: helps you to choose balanced and healthy diet.
Save time and money: let you know general condition of your body, condition of the 17 organs and systems, as well as psycho-emotional state in just 3 minutes.
Food supplements efficiency: you can monitor the effectiveness of food 
supplements that you are taking
Load in the workplace: DeROFES helps determine the physical and psycho- emotional stress, to understand how stress affects job performance. This is especially important in difficult and responsible work. 
Active sports: allows you to control sport effectiveness and determine the optimal load for your body. Enjoy your actvivities. 
Influence of harmful factors: DeROFES shows you how bad habits can damage your body, poor working conditions, or other harmful external factors. Helps you take early solutions.

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