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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Men System

The Regulation of the Male Genitourinary System mode is intended to treat diseases of the male genitourinary system. The program covers a wide range of men’s issues and is very useful for men. The older a man, the more the program is needed. The program has shown good results in treatment of prostatitis, impotency and other complaints.

Prostatitis is non-specific inflammation of the prostate gland. It often occurs after instrumental urologic examination and urinary catheterization.

Symptoms and treatment. Perineum pain, pain in the area of urinary bladder and rectum, frequent urination, nighttime urination, terminal hematuria, pyuria; high temperature and intoxication. Palpitation can determine that the prostate gland is enlarged and sore. During abscess formation it fluctuates.

Complications: burst of the abscess into the rectum, a urinary bladder and perineum; sepsis.

The program takes about 30 min.

The major effect of the program is regulation of the function of hypothalamus-pituitary-genital gland system. It makes it possible to regulate the function of the prostate gland and testes. The program is a basis for the prevention and treatment of impotency. The treatment can deliver good results if there is no injury and surgical intervention is not required.

The sessions can be performed not only to treat prostatitis but also to prevent it. For preventive purposes, the sessions should be performed once a week. For treatment, the sessions should be carried out daily at any time of the day when needed. The device should be placed in a trouser pocket or around the body.

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