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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heavy metals can be removed by electromagnetic therapy DETA-AP device


Heavy metals are what one might call “the unknown killers” since these probably cause and aggravate most health conditions in our bodies. These tiny pieces of metals, easily embedded inside body tissues, are inside the human body as a result of the toxic environment we live in now.
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in his article “A Comprehensive Review of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Clinical Pearls from 30 Years of Medical Practice” explained that heavy metals are neurotoxins, absorbed by nerve endings and travels inside the neuron to the cell body. The body is constantly trying to cleanse these neurotoxins through a natural body cleansing process using the available exit routes: the liver, kidney, skin and exhaled air and detox mechanisms include acetylation, sulfation, glucuronidation and oxidation.  The liver is a most important organ in these body cleansing processes since most elimination products are expelled with the bile into the small intestine.

This article draws attention to the following questions:
What are the most dangerous heavy metals accumulate in our bodies and how?
Can I take heavy metals out from the body?

Some of the most popular heavy metals:


Lack of toxicity of lead means that there is no clearly defined symptoms, but there may be more subtle signs of poisoning, because, like radiation, lead is a cumulative poison. Once in the body, it accumulates in bones, liver and kidneys. Even moderate levels can lead to kidney impairment and immune suppression.
Obvious symptoms of lead poisoning are severe weakness, spasms in the abdominal area, and paralysis. Asymptomatic, but also dangerous is the constant presence of lead in blood. It affects the formation of hemoglobin and causes anemia. There may be disturbances of the psyche.
Now the main sources of lead poisoning are components of many colors used in the home, the water flowing through pipes coated with lead. It is desirable in the first place to avoid these factors. Other sources are listed below.


Emissions of aircraft engines
Oil of lead-based paint
car batteries
bone meal fertilizer from
Ceramic coating on porcelain
cigarette smoke
dust and particles from lead-based paints
pipes made of lead or lead-coated
The process of lead ore from motor fuel with a high content of lead (exhaust)
vegetables grown near highways

Potential Effects:

Cramping abdominal pain;
Violations of brain activity;
Effect on the formation of hemoglobin;
Impaired fertility in women;
Violations of growth and development of infants;
Effects on the synthesis of vitamin D, leading to calcium deficiency;
Kidney disease;
Liver damage;
Mental illness;
Loss of appetite;
Neurological disorders;
Weakening of the immuneeneral weakness


Mercury is widely used since Roman times to the present day. In ancient Rome, the mercury used to clean silver and gold from the impurities. From ancient times to the present day miners and working treatment plants have suffered from various diseases. There are other dangerous professions. The expression "mad as a hatter" because hatter constantly exposed to mercury compounds used in the manufacture of felt hats, and then often went crazy.
In addition to the grounds of insanity of mercury poisoning include pallor, tooth loss, impaired brain activity and changes in motor reflexes. Prolonged contact with mercury is possible coma and death.
Of the mercury comes into contact with the gradual dissolution of the "silver" dental fillings. Some fillings from amalgam contains 40-50% mercury. These seals are a permanent source of poison in the body. Fortunately, dentists now use other materials for these purposes. Under the action of mercury is reduced immunity. Mercury reduces the number of white blood cells, including T cells, which kill foreign substances in the body. Dr. David Eglman said that after the removal of the patient six amalgam fillings was observed 26% increase in the number of T cells. To make sure that it is no coincidence, he again set the seal 4 patients and found 18% reduction in the number of T cells.
In the United States since 1900 has been used in chemistry, agriculture and industry, more than 160 million pounds of mercury. Mercury is a cumulative poison. She enters the environment as toxic fumes or toxic organic form known as methylmercury. Methylmercury enters the water and accumulates in the food chain. Sources and effects of mercury are listed below.


• Chemical Fertilizers
• contaminated species of large fish
• amalgam
• explosives
• creams and some cosmetics (especially creams to soften the skin)
• Pesticides
• drugs
• fungicides
• industrial waste
• water-based paints
• film
• Plastics
Potential Effects:
• A variety of reactions allergichekie
• Arthritis
• Birth defects
• Violations of brain activity
• disturbance of the connective tissue of elbow and knee joints
• blurred vision, cataracts, blindness
• depression
• kidney disease
• Weight Loss
• tooth loss
• neurological disorders that lead to epilepsy, stroke, and extensive klerozu
• weakening of the immune system
• adverse effects on fetal development
• reducing the number of white blood cells


Cadmium, tin, reminiscent, too, threatens our health. It may be more dangerous than lead. Cadmium dust and fumes are highly toxic. Exposure to cadmium can lead to serious kidney disease and lung cancer and contributes to the development. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that about 1.5 million U.S. workers are constantly exposed to cadmium. According to the EPA, each year about 700 tons of cadmium released into the atmosphere from furnaces, smelters and other industrial plants. This metal is widely used in nickel-cadmium batteries, solders and other alloys as a pigment and hardener in the manufacture of plastics. Cadmium plating protects the steel from corrosion.
Several recent studies have shown that smokers have significant amounts of cadmium in the body. "Passive smokers", ie the people around smokers also get a certain amount of cadmium. Cadmium - a cumulative poison and causes varying degrees of poisoning. It causes high blood pressure, accumulates in the kidneys and reduces immunity. Excess cadmium in the body reduces life expectancy, causes anemia, affects the metabolism of zinc, leads to diseases of the lungs and reduces the number of T cells in the body. General immunity is reduced due to dysfunction of organs (liver, kidney), vital for the immune system and reduce the number of T cells.


• smoke cigars and cigarettes
• Drinking water
• Fertilizers
• fertile soil
• Industrial air pollution
• metallurgy
• smoke from chimneys
• processed cereals
Potential Effects:
• suppression of antibody
• skin peeling
• emphysema
• heart disease
• Hypertension
• Violation of calcium metabolism
• kidney disease
• Hair loss
• loss of zinc by the body


Despite the fact that aluminum is a light metal, it has recently considered toxic. For many years no one suspected that he might be absorbed in the body, and therefore it is still used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils. Aluminum is also used in the manufacture of many medical devices, as well as added in the form of sodium alyumosulfata in many processes during sintering of powders. Sometimes it is found in drinking water.
Elimination of sources of aluminum, such as kitchen utensils, aluminum foil, an antioxidant, it is extremely important because the food is usually there is some amount of aluminum from natural sources (soil). Like other impurities, the concentration of aluminum increases when moving up the food chain. In patients with Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia), the amount of aluminum in the nerve cells of the brain is four times higher than normal.
Large doses of aluminum may contribute to the disease. In addition, aluminum can cause a heightened excitability and disturbances of psychomotor reactions in children, anemia, headaches, kidney and liver, and dementia in elderly patients, colitis and neurological changes associated with Parkinson's disease.


• Banks of aluminum;
• aluminum foil
• antioxidant
• Compacting powders with sodium alyumosulfatom
• Some types of cheese
• cookware
• deodorant
• Drinking water
• Jerky
• baking pans and
• continued use of table salt
• drugs to reduce gastric acidity
• Stabilized aspirin

Potential Effects:

• anemia
• Alzheimer's disease
• changes in the cells of the brain and nervous system
• Colitis
• suppression of parathyroid function
• thyroid dysfunction
• dialysis dementia
• headaches
• aggressive adolescents
• irritability in children
• low levels of calcium
• neurological changes

As we can see that accumulate metals in the body may eventually lead to serious diseases. There are various detoxification methods to cleanse the body from heavy metal such as the intake of drugs specifically developed for heavy metal detoxification or going on a detox diet.



One of the most efficient ways to get rid of toxins it the medical device "DETA-AP" which is running on the principles of bio-resonance therapy and provides a number of programs for detoxification and purification of the body. It can effectively, quickly and without any side effects help you to restore your health and prevent development of the serious diseases.

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