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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Female System

The Regulation of the Female Genitourinary System mode is used to treat the female genitourinary system. The program covers a broad range of female issues and it is very useful for women of any age.

Menopause results from age-related changes in a woman’s body. The involution processes affect the central nervous system and endocrine glands.
Symptoms and treatment. In most cases, menopause does not cause women any explicit dysfunctions. In rare cases, menopause can cause hyperexcitability, mood swings, sleep dysfunction, giddiness, increased arterial pressure and vascular dysfunction. About 8-10% of women suffer from pathologic developments in menopause, such as frequent affluxes (about 10-20 times a day), sudden fever, significant increase in arterial pressure, overweight, dysfunction of water-salt metabolism and neuropsychological changes. Sometimes women suffer from dysfunctional uterine bleeding as a result of menopause and menopausal neurosis.

Hysteromyoma is a benign tumor of womb’s muscular tissue. The tumor is attributable to dysfunction of the hypothalamic and pituitary region and overproduction of estrogen. The following types of hysteromyoma occur: interstitial, subserous and submucous. The ganglions may be inside the womb (95%) or its neck (5%).

Symptoms and treatment. Women over 30 years old can suffer from this disease. The development of the disease is seen in cyclic bleeding (menorrhagia), which can also be accompanied with non-cyclic bleeding, resulting from development of submucous ganglion or simultaneous development of the tumor and dysfunctional womb bleeding. If the tumor spreads to the urinary bladder or the rectum, symptoms of pressure on these organs can be noted. The development of the tumor is rather slow.

The program takes about 30 min.

Treatment. General health-improving activity such as water activities, mineral baths, therapeutic exercise, etc.
The major effect of the program is regulation of the function of hypothalamus-pituitary-genital gland system. The sessions can be carried out not only to treat the diseases of the female genitourinary system, but also to prevent them. For preventive purposes, the sessions should be performed once a week. For treatment, the sessions should be performed every day at any time of the day as needed.

Attention: the program should not used in case of pregnancy or if a woman plans to become pregnant (see Contraindications to electromagnetic therapy).

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