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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Driver complex

1. The Energetic Mode

The Energetic Mode program supplies the body with the additional energy necessary to defend it against external damaging factors. These factors may be physical or intellectual work overload, for example: that of long-distance drivers.

Research performed by Sleep Research Laboratory, Loughborough University, had striking results. The researchers state that about a quarter of all deaths on the roads are attributable to the drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel. Even drunk drivers cause fewer accidents. “It is more difficult to identify ‘sleep’ death. It does not pertain to the drunk or drug-intoxicated driver whose blood contains alcohol or drugs…”

It appears that the major risk group is represented by young people, as they do not get enough sleep. The next risk group includes those who constantly have to change their sleep regime. Those are nurses, emergency service workers and, strange as it may seem, driving instructors. It is obvious that this group also includes long-distance drivers.

Scientists report that the cup of coffee a driver may have at a roadside café is harmful. A driver enters a dangerous state of “excited euphoria.” However, the caffeine concentration in the blood then decreases quite sharply. The man driving the car even does not feel the drowsiness coming on…

The Energetic Mode program can be used at any time of the day if needed. It ideally suit for flu or cold prevention.

It helps to restore immunity and alleviate tiredness, irritation and tension. It makes it possible to improve labor efficiency, attention and vitality. The Energetic Mode program normalizes the work of the nervous and endocrine systems.

In addition, you can use the device as an individual protection kit to protect yourself from the influence of other people if you have a lot of contact with them.

The program takes about 40 min.

The Energetic Mode program achieves the following:

  • Restoration and improvement of the body’s defensive function
  • Elimination of tiredness
  • Overall energy contribution. The musculature of the body obtains necessary energy and eliminates muscle exhaustion and the accompanying pain. Pain is the cry of tissue in desperate need of energy.
  • Regulation of the hypothalamus function
  • Regulation of peripheral vessels and the heart; activation of the heart’s function
  • Elimination of psychological exhaustion; normalization of the psychological state and elimination of exhaustion; alleviation of depression and neurotic anxiety

2. The Antivibration mode

Vibration disease is attributable to the influence of vibration over a long period of time. Vibration can be of the following types: local (produced by manual instruments) and general (produced by machinery, equipment, the Metro). Various professions are exposed to vibration influence.
Pathogenesis: chronic micro-traumatizing of the peripheral vegetative formations, with consequent dysfunction of the blood supply and microcirculation and tissue atrophy.

There are three stages of the disease: initial symptoms (stage 1), moderately pronounced symptoms (stage 2) and strongly pronounced symptoms (stage 3). Patients usually have the following complaints: pains, chills in the extremities, paleness or cyanosis of the fingers when cold and lack of strength in the hands. As the disease develops, patients start suffering from headache, exhaustion and sleep dysfunction. In cases of general vibration influence, patients usually complain about pain and paresthesia in the legs and small of the back, headache and drowsiness.

Clinical indicators of the disease are hypothermia, hypohidrosis, edema of the extremities and cyanosis and paleness of the fingers when cold or working. Symptoms of vascular dysfunction are hypothermia of feet and hands, spasms or atony of nail bed capillaries and decrease of blood supply to the hands. It is necessary to improve vibration barriers and pain, temperature, and tactile sensitivity.

In course of treatment, the following spa therapies are also use: mineral water (radon, hydrosulfuric, iodide-bromine, nitric thermal) and therapeutic muds.

The influence of vibration over a long period is very harmful to the body. For men, it can lead to impotency. According to statistical data, the main cause of impotency in Moscow is noise and vibration from the Metro.

The program takes about 25 min.

The Antivibration mode can be used at any time of the day if needed. The device should be placed in the breast pocket or car dashboard. To eliminate the effects of heavy vibration that has led to muscle tremor, the session should be performed every hour until it delivers the proper effect.
The program can be used to prevent impotency caused by the Metro. It is especially effective for local and long-distance train engine drivers.

3. The Back Tiredness mode

Back Tiredness is a universal mode intended for the elimination of tiredness in the back. Driving a long time usually causes tiredness in the back and especially in the small of the back. It leads to deformation of vertebrae and radiculitis. Some expensive cars, such as the BMW, are equipped with a special pillow. However, what should owners of other cars do?

Major clinical manifestations of vertebrogenic diseases depend not on changes in discs but on neurovascular endings located in the spinal canal.
Most of Russian and foreign authors state that development of vertebral diseases depends mainly on uneven muscle development. For example, the dominance of a flexor over an extensor results in dislocation of intervertebral joints.

A spine damaged by osteochondrosis generates a stream of pathologic impulses with its numerous receptors. In combination with the harmful influence of mechanic overload, they lead to muscle spasms, which results in the formation of painful compressed nodes, or trigger points. These trigger points cause so-called myofascial pain syndromes, which represent the most severe factor for patients suffering from spinal osteochondrosis.

This program serves to solve this issue.

The program takes about 35 min.

The program performs the following procedures:

  • Treatment of arthritis and arthrosis
  • Elimination of spinal and joint pain
  • Restoration of joint and spine mobility
  • Restoration of metabolic processes in joints
  • Elimination of spinal pain resulting from osteochondrosis; antirheumatic effect
  • Regulation of calcium exchange and improvement of bone tissue
  • Restoration of intervertebal disc flexibility
  • Restoration of lumbar spine

The Back Tiredness mode can be used at any time of the day if needed. The device should be placed in the breast pocket or on the dashboard of a car. In case of severe tiredness, the session should be repeated.

It is especially effective for local and long-distance train engine drivers. This program may significantly decrease the accident rate for any type of transport.

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