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Wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Body Detoxification mode is intended to remove various toxic components from the body. The program is recognized to be quite effective in removing toxins of molecular weight less 4000, including snake venom. Toxins are eliminated through the blood vascular system. The molecular weight of microbes, bacteria and viruses is over 4000 and, therefore, the program is not effective in their case. However, if you also undergo treatment of other types, the program can contribute to it. The program is particularly effective in eliminating the consequences of chemotherapy.

The program has shown positive results in recovery after alcohol intoxication. The mode can be used in cases of alcohol abuse. Positive results have been obtained in the elimination of “hangover syndrome.” It has been noted that running the program after alcohol overconsumption makes it possible to avoid “hangover syndrome.”

The program takes about 40 min.

The Body Detoxification mode can be used at any time of the day if needed. The device should be placed in the breast pocket or next to the body. In cases of severe intoxication and infection, the session should be repeated half an hour after the first completion.
In cases of severe intoxication, i.e. toxin submergence of the body, electromagnetic therapy is not effective. It should be taken into account that, in such cases, the biochemical influence of the toxin is much stronger than the effect of the electromagnetic information can overcome. In this case, urgent intervention is necessary.

In treatment after accidents, electromagnetic therapy, along with other necessary measures, can delivered good results. It is always effective and does no harm to the patient. Therefore, facilities where urgent medical assistance is provided should have devices for electromagnetic therapy.

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