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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beauty Legs complex

1. The Varicosity (Acute) mode

Not all women take care of their legs. In most cases, they think a simple drug or a medicine can cure them. Sometimes they do not have enough time to take care of themselves due to their job, families, children, etc. As opposed to men, women usually pay attention to their legs in summer or on holiday, when they want to wear a skirt. And then the problems begin.

It is even more difficult for men. Men do not usually pay any attention to their legs until the problem becomes an obstacle for their work. What for? They are fine the way they are.

People start thinking of their legs when they hurt. If your veins hurt, you suffer from the third or fourth stage of the disease. It means that urgent measures are required. The disease will not disappear. It will progress.

Before serious treatment of varicose veins, exacerbation should be eliminated. This program serves that purpose.

The program takes about 40 min.

The exacerbation should be eliminated as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable. Take off your shoes. Put your legs up. Turn on the device, select the program and place the device next to your legs. Wait until the program is completed and then wait for 20-30 more minutes. It is necessary for the body to fully absorb the curing effect.

The Varicosity (Acute) mode can be used at any time of the day when it is possible. If it is not possible to run the program during the day, it should be done in combination with the basic therapy in the evening before sleep.

2. The Varicosity (Regeneration) mode

The Varicosity (Regeneration) mode is the main treatment program. This program makes it possible to cure veins and eliminate inflammation. The program improves capillary circulation and prevents varicose thrombosis. In addition, it regulates the heart activity.

The program makes it possible to recover from weakness in the venous wall and/or venous canal. As a result, the venous wall recovers its elasticity; therefore, blood does not stagnate in the lower extremities and the veins recover.

Taking into consideration the development of varicose diseases and the types of its complications, the program has the following effects:

• Strengthening the venous wall
• Improving the tone of venous wall
• Improving capillary circulation
• Providing anti-inflammatory therapy
• Curing disease complications locally

The program takes about 40 min.

The temperature in the room should be about 22-28 С. The program should be run before sleep. Put your legs on a rolled-up blanket so that your legs are slightly are raised above the level of your heart. Turn on the device, select this program and place the device next to your legs. The device will run in the automatic mode and turn off after the program is completed. You should not stand up after the session. It is necessary for the legs to fully absorb the curing effect.

If the patient suffers from varicose veins in the acute condition, then this program should be combined with the Varicosity (Acute) mode for 2-3 weeks.

3. The Varicosity (Muscle Regeneration) mode

The Varicosity (Muscle Regeneration) mode provides curing effect on muscles. The program restores muscle structure and elasticity; it prevents premature aging and eliminates the exacerbation of the disease.

The main instrument for the prevent varicose is physical exercise. While contracting, muscles drive stagnating blood and train the venous wall.

The program should be run while performing physical exercises. Which physical exercises can be recommended? Any exercises that involve the legs, such as jogging, cycling, squatting, stationary bicycle, jumping, skipping and others. Also dancing is very helpful. However, bear in mind that exercises should be done not occasionally, but regularly, and until your legs are exhausted and start trembling. Otherwise, the exercises are not very effective.
Massage also has a positive impact on legs. Leg massage should be performed everyday with a stiff towel. More effort should be made while massaging feet, whereas knees and hips can be massaged more softly. You can use two brushes with medium-hard bristle for massage. In this case, the legs are massaged in circular motions starting from feet and moving to the inguinal region. The massage should be performed until the skin turns red. Afterwards, the skin should be oiled with skin cream or vegetable oil.

The program takes about 40 min.

If you want to train, you like it and there are no contraindications, then you are very welcome to it. However, if you have started any therapy, do not give it up.

Therefore you should do exercises which you like as they are and which you never give up.

It must be emphasized that physical exercises should be considered a supplement to the main therapy. In general, the opinion that physical exercises can be regarded as an independent method to cure varicose is mistaken.

And how to determine the required physical load? It is easy.

If you feel warm, comfortable, your muscle tone is strong and you have a decreased appetite after training, then you guess right and the load is appropriate for you. If you feel exhausted, you have an increased appetite and your muscle tone is weak, you have taken on an excessive load and you should decrease the intensity.

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