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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back Fatigue

The Back Fatigue mode is intended for treatment of the spine.

The spine bears the full load of the body. Spinal injuries often occur while carrying heavy objects. Such injuries usually happen to sportsmen and individuals engaged in hard physical labor. Predisposition to spinal injuries begins in childhood and comes from an incorrect sitting position. As a rule, people visit the doctor regarding their spinal pain when manual therapy is required. In most cases, help can be provided and the pain can be eliminated. But what has to be done to avoid spinal injuries in the future? The Back Fatigue mode should be used. The mode has shown good results in spine strengthening. The program ensures phosphorus and calcium exchange (balance) and strengthens the defensive function of the body.

The program takes about 30 min.

The Back Fatigue mode demonstrated good results in the following cases:

1. Elimination of muscle pain around joints
2. Treatment of spinal osteochondrosis
    • spinal osteochondrosis with shell syndrome
    • osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebra
    • disseminated osteochondrosis
    3. Treatment of spinal injuries
      • Cervical spine
      • Lumbar spine
      • Injuries of the intervertebral disc
      • Spinal exhaustion
      4. Pain elimination in cases of osteochondrosis and osteochondropathy
      5. Treatment of vertebral artery syndrome
      6. Treatment of lumbago and shooting pains

        The Back Fatigue mode can be used at any time of the day. The device should be placed close to the injured part of a spine.

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