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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Smoking tobacco - one of the most common types of drug addiction, covering a large number of people and so is domestic drug abuse. Smoking a cigarette smoker gives pleasure. Particularly needed in smoking after eating, while drinking, with negative emotions and during hard work. At the same time he breathed nicotine does not appear to have any positive effect on the organism. The cigarette is more than a distraction: switching consciousness to it helps to push the bad thoughts, to suspend the hard work. Joint smoking facilitates contact between people is an excuse for dating.

However, the mythical profits are too small compared with the injury, concomitant smoking.

Smoking - is a weakness of will, and if you do not have the strength to stop myself, refer to the help of this program. The main thing - the mind. Tune in and act.

1. Decidedly tune to quit smoking, think about the present and future, as well as the favorite people suffering from your bad habit.

2. Do not pull out: the sooner the better.

3. Deprive yourself extra temptations - throw all the cigarettes in the house.

4. Until otvyknite not smoke, avoid places where a lot of smokers.

5. Put the money usually spent on cigarettes and buy your sweetheart a gift.

6. When consumed with the desire to smoke you turn on the device and try to distract from that desire.

7. Instead of taking a cigarette, turn on the device and have a glass of juice. Fluid cleanses the body. At this time it is necessary to include the "detoxification of the organism.

8. Take physical exercise as your opportunities. Remember that during physical stress the body quickly cleared.

9. Do not be fooled. Do not expect a miracle - go for it!

We should not think that if a person has no desire to quit smoking, the program to wean him. It may help to stop smoking.

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