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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Anti-Stress (somnipathy) mode is a universal mode intended for stress elimination and treatment of sleep dysfunction.

The word “stress” is no longer considered only a scientific term. It is often used when speaking about a shock, a scare or trouble someone suffers from.

The term “stress” was introduced by Canadian scientist Hans Selier (1936), who described stress as a reaction to neuro-psychological strain that occurs in extraordinary situations and is intended to mobilize the body’s defense mechanism. A reasonable level of neuro-psychological strain results in emotional or creative excitement. However, excessive or long-lasting stress (chronic stress) leads to a decrease of cerebral activity. It results in decompensation of energy consumption and visceral activity. Therefore, the body creates the conditions for the development of neuroses and for hypertonic disease. In our day-to-day activity, we are regularly exposed to stress. It is very important to eliminate its influence rather than ignoring it. Ignoring stress also represents stress for the body.

The program takes about 35 min.

The program has shown positive results in treatment of psychic exhaustion.
The Anti-Stress (somnipathy) mode should be used before the sleep. When you go to bed, you put the device under your pillow. When the program is completed, the device switches off automatically. If you do not fall asleep after the program is finished, it is necessary to perform the session over again.

Attention: this mode should not be used at work or while driving a car. The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for any car accidents occurring while the program is operating.

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