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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anti-pain mode of Biomedis devices


The Anti-Pain mode is intended to eliminate pain of various etiologies, including toothache, injury pain, headache (from various causes), and phantom pain. According to R. Voll, pain is the cry of tissues lacking energy.

The program takes about 40 min.

The program does not cover all types of pain a human being can suffer. However, we did our best to cover most of them. Below there is a list of pain types for which the program is most effective.

• Earache
• Toothache
• Osteochondrosis pain or pain from spine injury
• Gastrogenous headache
• Headache in disease of genitourinary system
• Headache in eye diseases
• Headache in diseases of the large and small intestines
• Headache in meningitis
• Headache in dysfunction of parathyroid glands
• Headache in cerebral diseases
• Headache in dysfunction of ovaries
• Headache in premenstrual tension syndrome
• Headache of endocrine genesis in hypophysis dysfunction
• Headache of endocrine genesis in dysfunction of ovaries
• Headache resulting from hormone dysfunction
• Vascular headache of various genesis
• Tonsillogenic headache

The Anti-Pain mode can be used at any time of the day if needed. If you feel pain, just switch on the device in the Anti-Pain mode for an hour. If it does not help, you should repeat the session.

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