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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Active protection

The Active Protection mode is a universal one intended to protect the human body from external pathogenic radiation. It does not mean that you switch on the device and radiation does not reach you. The device provides the body with supplementary energy that is necessary to destroy external harmful factors. These factors can be physical or intellectual work overload, for example, that of long-distance drivers.

Research performed by Sleep Research Laboratory, Loughborough University, had striking results. The researchers state that about a quarter of all deaths on the roads are attributable to the drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel. Even drunk drivers cause fewer accidents. “It is more difficult to identify ‘sleep’ death. It does not pertain to the drunk or drug-intoxicated driver whose blood contains alcohol or drugs…”

It appears that the major risk group is represented by young people, as they do not get enough sleep. The next risk group includes those who constantly have to change their sleep regime. Those are nurses, emergency service workers and, strange as it may seem, driving instructors. It is obvious that this group also includes long-distance drivers.

Scientists report that the cup of coffee a driver may have at a roadside café is harmful. A driver enters a dangerous state of “excited euphoria.” However, the caffeine concentration in the blood then decreases quite sharply. The man driving the car even does not feel the drowsiness coming on…
The Active Protection mode can be used at any time of the day if needed. It ideally suited for flu or cold prevention.

It helps to boost immunity and reduce tiredness, irritation and tension. It makes it possible to improve labor efficiency, attention and vitality. The Active Protection mode normalizes the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems.

In addition, you can use the device as an individual protection kit in order to protect yourself from the influence of other people if you have a lot of contact with them.

The program takes about 40 min.

The mode has shown positive results, serving to prevent diseases, stress, overexertion, tiredness and other problems.

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