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Friday, July 29, 2011


"Nine-tenths of our happiness depends on health" - A. Schopenhauer

With the application of chemical medical drugs the symptoms of a disease will usually disappear. But is the disease itself truly gone?

Nowadays, we take inordinate amounts of chemical medical products that either block an organ and tissue processes or induce them to carry out functions that they do not necessarily have the condition to perform. In fact, the general concept of a modern drug medicine is a forceful compulsion of a human body to erase the symptoms of a disease, force the heart to perform a rhythmic heartbeat, force the stomach to synthesize a smaller quantity of acid (e.g. to prevent pain in the case of stomach ulcer), and decrease high temperature ignoring the cause.Can we safely say that when we take these drugs and force our bodies to go into overdrive, we manage to fix the problem? Unfortunately, not.About forty years ago, Dr. Reinhold Völl has discovered a method of electroacupuncture. This method has a lot in common with the ancient Chinese teaching of «acupuncture». Literally, this word is translated as a "prick by a needle".
It is Völl's method and research that has formed the base for development of an electromagnetic therapy procedure. So, what is the essence of this procedure? A person is immersed in an infinitely great and, at the same time, an infinitely small system of electromagnetic fluctuations, and is a part of this system. Without the electromagnetic fluctuations the life, most likely, is inconceivable. Louis-Claude Vincent has called electromagnetic fluctuations the "deux ex machina" (the nature of a life). Electromagnetic fluctuations arise naturally from everything in our environment. They take part in essentially all our physical and chemical processes. The main source of electromagnetic fluctuations is the sun. It radiates a wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves, only 6% of which reach the surface of the Earth.Naturalists, physicists, biologists and doctors agree that the electromagnetic fluctuations in the nature are of paramount importance.Every human organ and system work on strictly determined frequency. For healthy people, this frequency is constant. When a person gets sick, there is a change in the operational frequency of the organ. This is accompanied by a sharp reduction of energy of that organ, which in turn causes it become less resistant to the disease. By means of the program incorporated in the design of the DETA device, an electromagnetic field of a certain frequency influences the organ and returns it to a normal functioning state. Due to a resonance in the body, energy is increased and this allows the body to fight the disease on its own. Thus, we do not force the organs to perform functions which are not intrinsic to them, but assist in restoring the lost functions. With this approach, it is impossible to "overdose" and cause harm to the body.The low-frequency electromagnetic therapy device (or the field therapy device) is designed to carry out the low-frequency relaxation therapy by a contactless method. This device combines the effects of influence by the specific frequencies, using the techniques of R.Völl, F.Kramer, O.Klauss, O.Kollmer and other experts on electroacupuncture as well as the methods of influence using super weak electromagnetic fields.Clinical efficiency of the electromagnetic therapy is more than 85% when used to treat the following diseases: diseases of cardiovascular system (hypertension, stenocardia, arrhythmias, hypostases, varix vein, etc.), endocrine disorders, kidney diseases (Pyelonephritis, kidney stones, etc.), diseases of urological nature (prostate gland adenoma, prostatitis, etc.), gastroenteric diseases, diseases of pulmonary system (bronchitis, asthma, hypostasis of lungs, pneumonia, etc.), headaches of a various causes, central and peripheral nervous system diseases, gynecological ailments, laryngitis, otitis and many others.Devices can also be used as an effective means of active prevention. For people who are in the operational range of devices with increased levels of radioactive emissions such as x-ray and ultrasonic equipment, as well as computer and photocopy machines, use of the device in these areas, as well as in areas with the raised levels of electromagnetic radiation (including power lines) assists in creating an active protective forces of the body in order to lower harmful influences of the environment. Utilization of individual devices is also effective during round-the-clock shifts as well as during the periods of increased physical and mental strain, psycho-emotional pressure or periods requiring enhanced attention.

This teaching has told us about biologically active points on our body and methods on how we can use them to influence our organs, systems and meridians. In order to take measurements, Völl has suggested the use of a weak direct current instead of needles in the acupuncture points.

Devices can also be used:
- In firefighting services;
- In EMS;
- In emergency rescue services;
- During prolonged shifts in various security agencies and armed forces. Application of the devices is especially useful during a prolonged use of body armor.


1. Pregnancy at any stage.
2. Acute decompensated heart failure
3. Pulmonary fibrosis with a disposition to hemorrhages
4. Myocardial infarction within the last 2 months
5. Presence of an organ transplant
6. Congenital defects of the central nervous system

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