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Wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses.

Friday, July 29, 2011

How does it work?

The opinion that the electromagnetic fluctuations in the nature take paramount place, has been firmly reaffirmed by numerous physics, biologists and doctors for quite some time now. Every human organ and system has its own corresponding resonating frequency.

In a healthy person, every organ in a body, whether it is a heart, liver, spleen, stomach, etc. pulsates with an identical, known frequency. Any illness or an indisposition leads to failures of this frequency. During a sharp aggravation of the illness, the organ pulsates with greater frequency (remember how fast heart races when you have a fever?).
If the illness is chronic, and is of low-intensity – the frequency of fluctuations will be less than normal.

And so, if one was to place a source of electromagnetic field fluctuations on the set frequency at distance of up to 1,5 meters from the body, it will recognize them as own and will adjust itself accordingly. This will result in a normalization of internal processes.

Remarkable feature of the given method is that it precisely follows an old medicinal principle of "first do no harm". It is impossible to overdose, become addicted, or have any side effects. The electromagnetic field has positive effects on the capillary system, restores immunity, removes weariness, irritability, increases working capacity, vitality, eliminates negative influence of other people.

Nowadays, the devices, referred to as DETA, are successfully applied and recommended to use by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Device DETA has five Russian patents and one international.

The tiny machine is programmed to the specifications that are necessary for treatment of a certain disease. There are more than 2000 options, each with an application designed to treat one specific illness.

Real-life example of DETA's possibilities!

Reporter Sergey Kozlov tells us: «I wanted to try out the new method on myself and see for myself if it is true that DETA has such influence.

Some time later, I had to urgently get to St.-Petersburg, and I have decided to go by car. I have asked to set the device to a program that would increase my vitality and protection against weariness. On the eve before of trip I have specifically decided not to sleep all night and left for Petersburg early in the morning. I was going together with my friend whom I have not warned about the experiment. The road took us approximately 12 hours, and during this time my companion couldn't stop being surprised with the fact that the he does not get tired and does not want to sleep. I too was mistrustful of myself - two days without sleep are always felt in some way, - but my body did not feel weary, and the consciousness remained clear. When we have arrived to Petersburg, I have switched-off the device and approximately in an hour, having appeared in a hotel room, we with my companion have felt such weariness that have fallen asleep instantly. I did not find any side effects or unpleasant sensations and, having woken up, surprisingly have noticed, that, having slept just a few hours, I have completely restored all my energy.».

Actually, the abilities of DETA are much greater.

The available programs are: «Beauty of your legs» (varicosity), «Clear eyes» (short-sightedness, far-sightedness), «Man's youth», «Body detox» and many others. Creating a custom program for treatment of your disease is also possible.

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